Nutrition for Vision

While most people don't realize it, what you eat can affect how you see! Our eyes are as much a part of our bodies as any other organ, so they are influenced by our nutrition. New research has confirmed that nutrition can make a difference in our eye health. Most affected are conditions of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Dry Eye Syndrome, Cataracts and Glaucoma. Dr. Anshel now lectures on these conditions and how to resolve them with proper nutrition.

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Download The Eye-CEE System for Computer Users

Download the demonstration program

Eye-CEE Installation Instructions:

1. Make a new directory on your hard drive or insert a formatted floppy disk.

2. Click on the Download Feature (above) and save to the appropriate disk or directory.

3. Check the file for Virus infection - the file has been checked by us prior to download, however we advise you to check the file before use.

4. Unzip the file using a utility such as WINZIP or Windows XP

5. Click START

6. Click on RUN.

7. Type in "A:vs" (or "C:vs") followed by Enter. The system will take a few moments to load. Please wait.

8. Select the options using either the mouse pointer with the left mouse button, or the underscored number or letter (with the Alt key).

The screening may be completed by use of the keyboard only. The arrow keys combined with the space bar or the enter key may be used in some of the tests.

Start - This option runs the screening test and gives pre-set results for John Smith and standard pre-set printout as example only. The full system has a tape, to measure viewing distance and a pair of red/green filters for a couple of the tests. These items are not required for evaluation. Input 25 for the viewing distance when asked for. Should you have any questions please contact Corporate Vision Consulting.


Admin - The password for entry to first level administration may be set in Setup / Setup / User

Forms - Prints an appointment form for 'remote' screening, i.e., for using one central PC instead of the user's own. Also to reprint standard information on eye problems, lighting, posture, etc.

File - to view records, select then print or export reports, individually or batched. This allows the system administrator to review those users who have performed the screening and print Optometric reports, or reprint any report.

Setup - from here the system may be configured to your special requirements. Selecting the next screening date, adding Administrators comments, company policy statement, setting up margins for pre-printed paper, disabling certain instructions, adding comments, disabling the save functions for confidential screening, removing the ergonomic questions, selecting what should be displayed at the end of the screening, which reports to print and so on.


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The first hard drive available for the Apple had a capacity of 5 megabytes.

The "save" icon on Microsoft Word shows a floppy disk, with the shutter on backwards. .

-Computer trivia


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