Dr. Anshel is the editor for his latest book, "Visual Ergonomics Handbook", which is written at a level that makes the information easily accessible. The various expert authors provide a simplified but thorough discussion of the process of eyesight and the components of the visual system. They explore the technology behind computer displays, discuss environmental issues surrounding eye symptoms and vision in the workplace, and examine lighting, glare, monitor position, vision distances, and other issues in detail. READ MORE
This popular book from Dr. Anshel is directed to the general public. "Smart Medicine For Your Eyes" offers a comprehensive overview of the visual system and eye problems. It includes all types of visual disorders and what conventional and alternative treatments are available to deal with the problems. These treatments may be glasses, contact lenses, herbal remedies, homeopathic treatment, acupressure, or more traditional medical care.. READ MORE

Dr. Anshel’s second book, "Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace" tackles the complex area of visual concerns related to computer use. It is directed to the health and safety managers in corporations who have numerous computer users and need additional background on how to effectively deal with the concern of Computer Vision Syndrome... READ MORE

Dr. Anshel wrote his first book, "Healthy Eyes, Better Vision" in 1990. It is a 14 chapter overview of the eyes and visual system written for the layperson. It is written in easy-to-understand language, offering on-target, accessible eye care advice. Although it is no longer available in book stores, copies can often be reviewed at your local library.