This Four-Step program for eye care professionals allows the doctor to better understand the complexities of the visual aspects of computer use, and how to address them for your patients. Computer-related vision symptoms can be categorized in three areas:

All three of these areas need to be addressed before CVS can be truly resolved.

The eyes, or more appropriately, vision physiological factors, include diagnosable vision conditions and corrective lens design and / or prescription problems.

The computing environment includes glare, workstation layout, furniture, lighting and the equipment, specifically the monitor itself and its resolution, image colors and image sharpness (or lack of).

The work habits, called behavioral ergonomics, includes the type of work the patient does.

You may have been addressing the vision physiological factors for your computing patients, but that’s only addressing a part of the problem. Comprehensive treatment requires analyzing and prescribing for all contributors to CVS.


The Four Step Plan

STEP 1: In-Office seminar

Learn the latest information on how to assess the visual ergonomic needs of your computer using patients. Learn examination and intervention techniques that you can implement immediately.

This one-hour seminar is designed to educate you about the basic issues surrounding CVS. It is a CE-approved course to give you the education and training needed to take the next three steps in providing complete treatment for your computing patients. In addition, you will bring additional revenue into your practice and maintain a strong competitive edge.

STEP 2: Train your staff

This private consultation with all of your staff will get them up to speed on how to incorporate computer vision services into your practice. The discussion will center on phone skills, patient discussions, brochures, occupational lens fittings and overall awareness of CVS. Your staff will learn how to talk to patients about CVS and how to assist in resolving their concerns. This discussion will assist your staff in providing key information for their computer work habits and environment prior to the next step.

STEP 3: The CVS Exam

This is a critical step. Only you can diagnose and evaluate for your patient’s symptoms in a separate CVS eye exam and then prescribe the most comprehensive and effective treatment approach. During the CVS exam, you will need to determine habits related to your patient’s computer use. In addition, we will discuss specific exam procedures and power determination. Various lens options for computer use and ergonomic recommendations will also be reviewed. For a CVS eye exam, you need to take an additional step and find out how their eyes are working right on their own monitor.

STEP 4: Evaluate your patient’s environment and equipment.

Your patient’s computing environment and equipment can be major contributors to CVS. You will be coached in how to do on-site office evaluations where you can determine which environmental factors are affecting their visual performance. Learn how to effectively work with employers to demonstrate the financial impact of your recommendations, how vision insurance plans can help and pitfalls to avoid when making on-site evaluations.

We’ve developed a Four-Step Program for Computer Vision Care to address the needs of your CVS patients. This program will help you and your staff provide the latest treatment for the CVS patient. In addition, you will bring additional revenue into your practice and maintain a strong competitive edge.

This unique and essential vision consultation service will allow you to easily incorporate complete vision care to your computer using patients. Our services are offered at your office on a personal basis.

By incorporating the Four-Step Program into your practice you can:


What you get- When you subscribe to our program, you will receive the following materials:


Cost– The cost for our 4 hour program includes all the above material and personalized consultation. The cost for this program is $995. plus travel. If you have already taken the CVS Eyecare Seminar course, this program is available at a reduced rate. Call for details.

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